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Custom and Ready Made Frames

We specialize in the finest custom framing

What is custom framing? Here is how it works:

Step 1:

Select a mat (a border) around the picture. We offer the latest collection of mats featuring new colors and textures, including museum quality matting.
Step 2:

Maybe we’ll need a fillet (a small strip of molding to give a visual separation between mat and frame). It provides a similar effect to a double mat but it has a sculptural dimension.
Step 3:

Choice of frame. We have a large selection of frame moldings, designers moldings, and 22K Gold Leaf frames
Step 4:

Choice of glass. We will advise you of the proper choice of glass for your artwork. We offer conservation glass, as well as other types of glass.
streched canvas
Step 5:

Let our master craftsman, Michael, do the work and you will have a beautiful frame to hand on your wall, fast and at a discount price!

Whether it be Sports Memorabilia, Needle Point, Diplomas or Custom Mirrors,
we have the solution for all your framing needs.

We Have Hundreds of Ready Made Frames Also!

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